Portansky Alexey
US‒Europe: Allied Relations Under Threat
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ISSN 0201-7083

DOI: 10.15211/soveurope620193039

The article deals with the present state and the prospects of the EU-US relations after President D. Trump came to power, taking into account the factor of Washington's opposition to Beijing. The transatlantic relations are now in their worst state since the end of the WWII. The article consists of three parts. In the first one, the author explains how Washington's trade protectionism has affected bilateral relations with the EU. Secondly, the author reminds that before his election Trump had announced the focus on bilateral relations with EU member states as a top priority, while weakening relations with Brussels. The latter caused a negative reaction of the EU leadership side. The author specifies a negative attitude of President Trump towards multilateral institutions such as the WTO and NATO. Finally, in the third part, the author points out the Europe's deep concern about the policy of the new American administration. While remaining strongly connected to and dependent on the United States in many areas, the European Union prepares itself to any future scenarios of transatlantic relations development.

Keywords: EU | US | China | world leadership | TTIP | protectionism | trade war |

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Portansky Alexey
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Portansky Alexey
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