Grigoriev Mikhail
Creation of new logistics for the export of arctic mineral resources as a condition for their sustainable development. Georesources, 25(2), pp. 36–46.
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ISSN 1608-5043

DOI 10.18599/grs.2023.2.3

An overview of possible transformations of logistic schemes for the export of mineral raw materials mined in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation is presented. The existing system of transportation of mineral raw materials by sea, rail, inland water, road and air transport is considered. The description of mineral resource centers forming the cargo base of the Arctic transport system is given; their typification by types of transport for the export of products is given. A change in logistics schemes in connection with access to new markets in the changed geopolitical conditions was considered. The need for changes does not apply to rail, inland water, road and aviation transport, which provide mainly domestic transportation. Major changes affect pipeline and maritime transport. It was concluded that it is necessary to create liquefied natural gas production facilities at the exit points to the coast of the poorly devoured seas of main gas pipelines in order to monetize pipeline gas and expand the throughput capacity of main oil pipelines suitable for port oil loading terminals of the Baltic and Black Seas. The conditions for delivery to Asian oil export markets by sea have deteriorated due to the increase in the duration of circular flights and the cost of tanker freight. In addition, the possibility of an increase in the cargo traffic of the oil export to the Asian market in the Northern Sea Route was questioned due to the lack of a high deadweight cargo fleet and the required Arctic ice classes. The proposal on the need to revise strategic planning documents adopted in other political and economic conditions based on the current realities is justified.

Keywords: Arctic zone | transport system | mineral resource center | markets |

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