Kuznetsov Alexey
Current situation of small parties in Germany
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ISSN 0201-7083

DOI 10.15211/soverope22015107112

The author analyzes the success of small parties in German elections during 2013?2014. In his definition, a small party in Germany is a party which has never headed the federal government. The author introduces a new classification of small parties, which is based on the modern tendencies in party life in Germany, including emergence of the “Alternative for Germany”, risks of the FDP’s withdrawal from the federal political landscape, and mandates in the European Parliament for several small populist parties. Three types of parties are introduced by the author: the real candidates for the Bundestag (two sub-types), participants in the regional parliaments or in the European Parliament only (three sub-types), and other parties. According to official voting data, assessment of the small parties’ participation in the Bundestag, European and regional parliaments is given. 

Keywords: party system in Germany | small parties | Bundestag | European parliament | landtag |

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