Ovcharuk Alexander
Current Polish-Ukrainian Trade and Economic Relations
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ISSN 2072-8042

DOI 10.24412/2072-8042-2022-12-80-87

This article examines the changes and features of trade between Poland and Ukraine in the period aft er the Ukrainian coup d’etat 2014 to the present. The need for an in-depth scientifi c study of these processes is predetermined by the relevance of the topic under consideration. Less research attention has been paid to the problems of contemporary Polish-Ukrainian trade and economic relations in domestic and international scientifi c publications. The study aims to analyze the state, main areas, trends, priorities and prospects for bilateral trade and economic relations under current conditions using the major scientifi c fi ndings of Russian and foreign experts on the issue.

Keywords: Polish-Ukrainian economic relations | trade between Poland and Ukraine | Ukrainian crisis | export | import |

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