Zakrevskaya Yana
Состояние российского и мирового автопрома в новых реалиях // Образование и право. 2021. № 9. С. 168-174. DOI 10.24412/2076-1503-2021-9-168-174.
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ISSN 2076-1503

DOI 10.24412/2076-1503-2021-9-168-174

The automotive industry is a kind of litmus paper, manifesting any changes taking place in the economy. Any crisis situation forces the automotive industry to resort to rapid and timely transformations. And constant fierce competition contributes to maintaining a dynamic transformation and the development of both short-term and long-term strategies. The article presents the dynamics of production and sales of motor vehicles, cars (including electrically-chargeable cars) in Russia, the world and leading producer countries. It reflects the dynamics of overproduction, and considers the impact of the pandemic on the automotive industry.

Keywords: automotive industry | economy | Russia | world | cars/passenger cars | motor vehicles | electrically-chargeable cars | overproduction | production and sales dynamics |

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Zakrevskaya Yana
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Zakrevskaya Yana
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