Chugrov Sergey
Socio-Cultural Space and Foreign Policy of Japan. Moscow, IMEMO RAN, 2007.
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Japan, as more or less “closed” country, has undergone three “waves of internationalization”. The first of these waves took place in Meiji epoch. The second wave occurred after Japan’s defeat in the War in the Pacific, and the third one started in the early 90s. On the one hand, they moved Japan closer to classic examples of Western political culture. On the other hand, they switched on mechanisms of conservation of values. Each internationalization coincided with an information attack. It is the main facade of society that has undergone renovation, while deeper layers of national mentality remained intact. Japan demonstrates immense ability for adaptation to Western values without losing its essence. To uncover the secrets of identity and specific traits of interelations of the Japanese with the outer world constitutes the main goal of the author.

Keywords: Japan | political culture | world constitutes |


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