Studentsov Victor
Scandinavian Model: Lights and Shades
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ISSN 0869-4435

The essay discusses main features and peculiarities of Scandinavian or Nordic socio-economic model supposedly pioneering «the middle way» between free market capitalism and Soviet type centrally planned economy. Its success owes a lot to corporatist policies of centralized wage bargaining resulting in wage moderation and equality between industries and firms and the practice of «functional socialism». Active social engineering policies especially so called «national integration» however resulted in «statist individualism» that is the destruction of traditional human (family, friendly, neighborly etc.) ties and complete reliance on the paternalist role of state institutions.

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Studentsov Victor
Scandinavian Egalitarian Individualism and the Welfare State

Studentsov Victor
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Studentsov Victor
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Studentsov Victor
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Studentsov Victor
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