Voronov Konstantin
Северный нейтрализм: исторический финал или трансформация? [Текст] = Nordic neutralism in the XXI century: Historical Finale or a New Transformation? / К. В. Воронов // Современная Европа. – 2018. – № 1(80). – С. 80–89. DOI: 10.15211/soveurope120188089.
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ISSN 0201-7083

DOI: 10.15211/soveurope120188089

The author analyses external changes and internal shifts in the field of security,  which affect the preservation of neutrality policy of Nordic countries. The article shows the objective narrowing of prem-ises  and  restricting  characteristics  of  the policy  of  Nordic neutralism,  the  different  aspects  of  modernization of military-political course of Sweden and Finland at present. The author theoretically and politically exam-ines a hard dilemma: the growth of the present level of conflict in Europe revives the viability of the Nordic model of neutralism in the circumstances  close to the conditions of the cold war period: the decrease of the confrontation  between  the  West  and  Russia  may  lead  to  the  final  erosion,  cessation  of the  policy  of  Nordic neutralism in the near future. The military-strategical choice of Russia’s Nordic neighbors in the Baltic region in favor of NATO, violation of the recognized “red line”,can lead to an unpredictable “Baltic crisis”, which may resemblethe Cuban crisis.

Keywords: Sweden | Finland | NATO | EU | neutralism policy | non-alignment | classical and accumulated neutrality | problem of joining/membership |

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Voronov Konstantin
Nordic neutralism in the XXI century: Historical Finale or a New Transformation?

Voronov Konstantin
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Voronov Konstantin
The Nordic Countries and Russia: an Untouchable Reserve of Strength to Maintain Bilateral Relations

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Migrants in Countries of Northern Europe: the Swedish Approach

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Агрессия НАТО против Югославии: международно-правовые, военно-стратегические и геополитические последствия [Текст] / Е.Г. Пономарева, А.В. Фролов // Вестник МГИМО-Университета . – 2019. – № 2 (65). – С. 32-56

Frolov Alexander
NATO Aggression Against Yugoslavia: International-Legal, Military Strategic and Geopolitical Consequences
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