Services in the modern economy. Ed. by L. Demidova, V. Kondratiev. Moscow, IMEMO RAN, 2010
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ISBN 978-5-9535-0246-7

The study represents a comprehensive analysis of the many-sided transformation of the service sector industries in developed economies in the last three decades. Authors consider moving forces – technological, Institutional, external – behind new tendencies and processes. Special emphasis is placed on the qualitative and structural aspects of the changes. The functional complication, modification of some basic features of service production, rapid expansion of the new and renewal of traditional services led to the transformation of the main characteristics of service sector and noticeably raised its economic and social role. Big group of R&D-intensive services – informational, professional, business, financial, health, education etc. – were drawn to the central positions in the sector as in all economy. The service sector in its modern format is oriented to the challenges of the postindustrial development and contributes greatly to its key parameters such as growth of economy, employment, efficiency, competitiveness, human development, quality of life and social relations, stimulating technological and other innovations. Results of researches concerns also perspectives of development and modernizaton of service sector in Russia.

Keywords: service sector | development | modernizaton |

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