Ivanov Stanislav
Сепаратизм – естественный процесс или угроза национальной и международной безопасности? [Текст] / С.М. Иванов // Конфликтология / Notabene. – 2016. – № 1. – С. 62 – 71.
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DOI: 10.7256/2409-8965.2016.1.17856

The Author of This article analyzes a situation in various regions of the World from the point of view of integration processes and the disintegration of communities and comes to a conclusion that Separatism as the phenomenon is quite natural presently. At their genesis, communities based on national, ethnic, religious, territorial, or some other basis united to the states, confederations of the states, empires and colonial powers emerged. Then came the era that marked the fall of empires, the disintegration of colonial powers and multinational states. The wave of revolutions and national liberation movements swept worldwide, the Renaissance of release was endured by the countries of Africa, Asia, Middle East. The methodological basis of this study are the systemic, structural-functional, comparative-political approaches, the methods of analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, observation. This process was in many respects accelerated by events of World Wars I and II, when attempts of restoration of a colonial world rearrangement were made by great powers, and the subsequent disintegration of the Organization of the Warsaw pact countries and the USSR. In modern conditions of globalization separatism openly walks on the Planet, and takes the form of an epidemic when many nations, ethnic groups, communities based on confessional and to other bases, seek to protect their political, social, economic and other interests by separation from the states or creation of wide autonomies in them. 

Keywords: political system | Russia | world politics | U.S. foreign politics | international relations | diplomacy | interests | state | security | «colour revolutions» |

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