Sumsky Victor
Russias Forthcoming Summits with ASEAN and China [] / V. Sumsky // Thinking ASEAN. 2016. 11. P. 9 11.
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ISSN 2502-0722

Two forthcoming summits are looming large on Russia’s immediate Asian agenda. The first one is to take place on May 19-20 in Sochi, where the leaders of Russia and ASEAN will commemorate the 20th anniversary of their dialog partnership. The second one, between President Xi and President Putin, is scheduled somewhat later in June in Beijing. In anticipation of these events, several interrelated questions are popping up in the global—or shall we say proWestern?—media.
Are the Russians and the Chinese really getting that close to forming some kind of grand alliance? If yes, then what are the potential consequences for the rest of Asia, including ASEAN? Is Russia resigning itself to the role of China’s junior partner? What is so valuable, from ASEAN’s point of view, in a partnership with Russia? Can it offer ASEAN anything that the other partners would not or cannot offer? 

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