Kuznetsov Alexey
Russian direct investments in the CIS // International Trends, 2012, № 2. P. 18–28.
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The article is based on the empirical results of “The Monitoring of Mutual Investments in CIS Countries”, a joint project undertaken within the framework of IMEMO and Integration Research Center. The study demonstrates the actual size of Russian direct investments in certain CIS countries (including investments through offshore). It reviews the branch structure of direct Russian investment in CIS and indicates major investment companies. The article identifies different subtypes of Russian “classical” MNCs which prove not to be equally interested in the CIS region. A new concept of internationalization of business is presented that takes into account existence of special “mobilization” factors of direct investment and regional integration in particular.

Keywords: Russian MNCs | direct investment in the CIS | the export of capital | the concept of internationalization |

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Europe is a Territory for Investment by Big Russian Metallurgy Business.
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