Obolenskiy Vladimir
The Rising Tensions in International Trade: Risks for Russia
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ISSN 2073-6487

DOI 10.24411/2073-6487-2019-10034

The article analyzes the character of trade policies pursued by national governments after the global crisis of the years 2008–2009. It states that the period after the crisis witnessed the increase of protectionism in the international trade, and that the process as a whole is mostly legitimate: the vast majority of restrictive measures do not trespass the rules of the WTO. The article gives the results of the retrospective analysis of special market protection measures administered by national governments. It also states that the trade liberalization is progressing along the growing protectionism shift. The increased protectionism has a negative effect on Russia. It is confirmed by data on the increase in the number of restrictive measures in respect to Russian exporters to the markets of other countries. The article emphasizes that the radical change in the trade police of the USA resulted in the full-scale trade war between America and China and might lead to the undermining of basic principles of multilateral regulation of the international trade. It brings additional uncertainty into world trade which threatens the stabile development of the world economy. The conclusion is to stop the rise of protectionism is necessary to reform WTO urgently. It is possible only by joint efforts of the world trade members. 

Keywords: protectionism | restrictive measures | influence on Russian exporters | trade wars | WTO reform |

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