Solovyev Eduard
Russian-American Relations in Turbulence
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After Republicans have won control of both houses of Congress, they will  give the American foreign policy an impetus for “containing Putin’s  Russia”. Situation in Ukraine will remain the prism through which American  politicians look at Russia. The Ukrainian crisis provides a context for  efforts that are not directly associated neither with Ukraine, nor with  Russia. Among them, for example, attempts to discipline NATO member-states,  to strengthen transatlantic solidarity, and so on. Confrontation between  Russia and the West over Ukraine gets its own momentum. While the situation  is often compared with the Cold war, the problem is that during the late  Cold war there were certain rules of game, and each side had to accept  them. Now, in the period when the unipolar world is exposed to erosion, and  the outline of the polycentric world is only beginning to be seen, major  actors have to operate by trial and error. So if the United States and  Russia enter a new cold war, it will not be a roll back to 1985, but to  1946. The situation in the realm of security seems unbalanced and  dangerous. 

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