Makarova Anna
Russia in the Global Governance of Foreign Direct Investment
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ISSN 2411-118X

DOI 10.21686/2411-118X-2022-3-93-97

The study is devoted to the topical issue of cross-border regulation of foreign direct investment in terms of the role and position of the Russian Federation in the global management of FDI. The methodology of this study is based on general scientific methods of cognition, such as analysis and synthesis, and a systematic approach. The materials on which this work is based include official legal sources, as well as data from international organizations. It is shown that in modern realities, Russia's influence on the management of global processes associated with the cross-border movement of investments is limited and is largely due to external negative political factors. At the same time, it is not possible to conclude a universal multilateral convention in the field of cross-border movement of investments, which determines the further deformation of the international FDI regime, the strengthening of regional forces and the growth of their influence on global processes, including through integration groups such as the EAEU, BRICS and SCO.

Keywords: global regulation | dispute resolution | investment risks | risk insurance | cross-border movement of investments | Russia | EAEU | BRICS | SCO | EU | FDI |

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