Klinova Marina
Russia on the way to a civilized market: a view from France // Economy of the XXI century. – 2010. – N 2. - P. 109-121.
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Economics and Politics of Russia has traditionally attracted the attention of foreign researchers, including   French scholars. They analyze the historical path of the Russian economy and assess the possibility of long-term consequences of the contemporary changes, not only for the country but also for the world. The strategy of the strengthening the role of the State in Russian economy is considered. 

Keywords: government intervention | market system | the interaction of government and business | liberalism | social dimension of economic growth | government spending | Economic Efficiency | Oil market situation | structure of the economy |


Klinova Marina
Evolution of Russia’s Economic assessment by French Analysts / Klinova Marina // World Economics. – 2010. – No 4. – P. 5-13.

Klinova Marina
State and Business Interaction: Survey of Economics and Policy Through Time // Economic Strategies. – 2016. - N 4 (138). – P. 186-197.

Klinova Marina
The European Union States in Search of the Way out of the Great Recession / Klinova M.V. // Urgent Problems of Europe. 2011. – No 1. – P. 80–107.

Klinova Marina
State and Business Interaction: Survey of Economics and Policy through Time. Initiation and development of liberal ideas on the role of the State in a market economy / Marina Klinova // Economic Strategies. - 2016. - N 3(137). - P. 172-184

Mirkin Yakov
Трансформация в социальную рыночную экономику - миф или реальность для России // Экономическое возрождение России. 2021. № 1 (67). С. 48-53. DOI 10.37930/1990-9780-2021-1-67-48-53.

Burdzhalov Felix
Экономическая роль социальной деятельности государства. М., ИМЭМО РАН, 2009, 251 с.

Klinova Marina
Globalization and Infrastructure: New Trends in the State and Business Cooperation / M. Klinova // Voprosy Economiki . – 2008. – № 8. – P. 78-90.

Klinova Marina
A View in the Retrospect of Time: A History of State and Business Interaction. Russian and Soviet Marxism on the State’s Role in the Economy // Economic Strategies. – 2017. – No 5 (147). – P. 200–213.

Klinova Marina
State-Protector or Social State in Europe: at the Crossroads

Varnavskii Vladimir
Private and public partnership in the industry of Russia

Mirkin Yakov
Какая модель экономики и финансового сектора необходима России? // Научные труды Вольного экономического общества России. 2021. Т. 231, № 5. С. 128-144. DOI 10.38197/2072-2060-2021-231-5-128-144.

Mirkin Yakov
Стимулирование развития малого и среднего бизнеса: макроусловия, международный опыт // Научные труды Вольного экономического общества России. 2020. Т. 221, № 1. С. 98-113.

Bragina Elena
Малые страны Южной Африки: трудное продвижение // Азия и Африка сегодня. 2020. № 12. С. 64-70. DOI 10.31857/S032150750012801-3.

Radygin A., Entov Revold
Government Failures: Theory and Policy / Radygin Alexander, Entov Revold

Zagashvili Vladislav
Developing Countries as Russia's Economic Partners.

Финансовые стратегии модернизации экономики: мировая практика. Под ред. Я.М. Миркина. М.: Магистр, 2014, 496 с.

Klinova Marina
From the History of State and Business Interaction. Mercantilism and its Varieties in Western Europe and in Russia / Marina Klinova // Economic Strategies. - 2016. - N 2(136). - P. 132-139.

Kudrov Valentin
Do We Need Nostalgia for the Soviet Union?

Entov Revold
State-owned company: Detection Zone of GovernmentFailure or market Failure?
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