Mamedyarov Zaur
Роль межотраслевой интеграции в экономическом росте: теоретические и стратегические следствия // Проблемы прогнозирования. 2021. № 6 (189). С. 95-103. DOI 10.47711/0868-6351-189-95-103.
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DOI 10.47711/0868-6351-189-95-103

This article is a continuation of a previously published paper, "The Paradox of Uneven Development of the High-Tech Sector with Comparable Economic Growth in the EU and the United States," and discusses the theoretical and strategic implications of the earlier results. The results show that the role of integration of traditional industries in Europe is underestimated. This means that economic growth is stimulated not only by (high-tech) industry specialization, but also by the integration of (traditional) industries. The findings are put in the context of Hall and Soskice theory of varieties of capitalism (VoC). Particular attention is paid to the problem of high-tech development of the EU; it is found that the EU high-tech industry produces goods that are less attractive to traditional industries and consumers in the EU than abroad.

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Mamedyarov Zaur
Парадокс неравномерного развития высокотехнологичного сектора при сопоставимом экономическом росте в ЕС и США // Проблемы прогнозирования. 2021. № 5 (188). С. 149-161. DOI 10.47711/0868-6351-188-149-161.

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