Kulapov M., Sergeev Pavel , Karasev P.
Solving problems of garbage and waste disposal as a criterion of public administration efficiency
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ISSN 2073-6495

DOI 10.34020/2073-6495-2022-2-120-144

The article analyzed the main problems of the world development related to the increasing pollution of oceans, land and space at the hands of human population and as a result of the activities of legal entities which are producers of the most types of products. Inter-country (by the example of the USA, Canada and some European countries) comparison of the experience in solving the waste management problem in the context of legislative, economical and organizational measures was made. The authors suggested several indicators as the criteria of assessment of efficiency of the system of the measures for prevention of waste formation, recycling, removal and reuse. The problematics in the Russian Federation was also assessed, including the progress of the “Ecology” national project implementation, and the recommendations regarding increase of efficiency of the state and municipal management in this field of social development in dual context of the commitment to the experience of the North American continent and own way of formation of a new model of waste management, with specialized hubs located near large cities and industrial centers acting as central cores, as well as creation of the incentive system for individuals and legal entities regarding the employment of separate waste collection technology.

Keywords: garbage | waste | ocean | microplastics | social development | international cooperation | EPR program | separate waste collection | efficiency of state and municipal management |

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