Smyslov Dmitry
Reforming the World Monetary and Financial Architecture: 1990-2000 s.
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ISBN 978-5-9535-0205-4

The monograph is devoted to the research of pressing issues related to reforming the national and international structures, intended to regulate the activities of financial organizations. Particularly intensively this process was pushed on by the global financial and economic crisis which started in 2007. In this con-text, prevailing tendencies of the contemporary development of financial globalization have been analyzed. The factors which provoke the emergence and transnational contagion of financial and foreign exchange crises are revealed.
The publication thoroughly focuses on the measures aimed at rebuilding the machinery of surveil-lance over the dealings of the financial and foreign exchange markets’ participants. Those measures are be-ing elaborated by the world community for the sake of resisting crises turbulences. Considered are also the key directions of restructuring the system of supra-national financial and monetary institutions. The paper highlights the Russia an contribution into formation of the new world monetary and financial architecture which is being shaped proceeding from the country’s national interests.

Keywords: financial organizations | financial globalization | financial and monetary institutions |

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Changes in economic and financial structures: impact of 2020 shocks
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