Desyatsky Ekaterina
The Implementation of Economic and Trade Agreement between the United States and China during the Period of D. Trump and J. Biden Administrations (2020-2022)
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ISSN 2307-180X

DOI 10.24412/2307-180X-2022-11-47-52

The article examines the course of negotiations, the essence and implementation of the provisions of Phase one, a comprehensive economic and trade agreement between the United States and China in 2020 and 2021. Initially, the main goal of the deal was to reduce the trade deficit and combat the rise of China by addressing the "structural issues" of the Chinese economy. However, despite all the assertiveness of the Republican administration, Phase One agreement has become more of a symbol of the failed negotiations. The experience of hard pressure on China in the negotiation process has revealed the objective limits of the US ability to unilaterally force the PRC not only to make serious structural changes in its domestic policy but even to formally introduce relevant provisions into the Agreement. Unfulfilled trade commitments, the absence of provisions to tackle Chinese industrial subsidies, the unclear fate of already made commitments cast doubt on the meaning of the deal and the prospect of further negotiations. However, it is not that simple: the agreement, nevertheless, fulfilled its primary mission - suspended the further escalation of the tariff war. The article examines in detail the sections of the agreement that contain reforms and advances in Chinese legislation that are valuable for American business, including in patent law, technology transfer, litigation, and liberalization of the financial services sector.

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Yevtodyeva Marianna
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