Gronsky Alexander
The reaction of the left-wing parliamentary parties (Just Russia and the Communist party) to the Byelorussian post-election protests in august 2020
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ISSN 1726-5223

DOI 10.31249/rsm/2021.04.07

The protests that had begun after announcing the results of the presidential elections in Belarus aroused interest in the neighboring countries. In Russia, many political forces expressed their opinion about the situation in Belarus. The left-wing parties, represented in the State Duma, also did not stay away from the general trend. The «Just Russia» Party assessed the situation fairly objectively, pointing out that both sides of the conflict had caused the crisis. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation blamed the Belarus opposition and Western countries for the deterioration of the situation in Belarus. Russian communists see the situation as a confrontation between two systems. One system is represented by the Belarus ruling regime. Russian communists evaluate this system positively. They see in modern Belarus the remnants of the Soviet heritage, which Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko preserved. The second system is represented by the collective West, which wants to destroy the foundations of socialism. In August 2020, the two systems came into conflict on the Belarus territory. Russian communists rated Alexander Lukashenko as a supporter of the Russian world, which opposed Western influence. However, Alexander Lukashenko is an opponent of the Russian World. The Belarus leader has repeatedly said this. Nevertheless, there are experts among the Russian communists who objectively evaluate the situation in Belarus and point out that both sides are to blame for the current crisis. The text is based on the analysis of the official websites of the «Just Russia» Party and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

Keywords: Byelorussia | 2020 presidential election | mass protests | Just Russia Party | Communist Party of the Russian Federation |

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