Yevtodyeva Marianna
Развитие китайской системы A2/AD в контексте отношений США и КНР // Общественные науки и современность. 2022. № 4. С. 77-92. DOI 10.31857/S0869049922040062.
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ISSN 0869-0499

DOI 10.31857/S0869049922040062

In recent years the growing arms race between the United States and China has begun to affect almost all areas of the offensive and defensive military potential of the two countries. One of its key directions is the development of the Chinese anti-access/area denial system (A2/AD), aimed at blocking enemy’s military actions, information tools and capabilities in various zones of the theater of military operations, as well as the US response to counter this strategy. The article analyzes the origins of the Chinese A2/AD concept and how it correlates with the doctrine of development of the Chinese Armed Forces. Additionally, based on systematic analysis and analysis of sources and statistical data, the dynamics of strengthening the main elements of China’s A2/AD system over the past decade have been traced, including high-precision missiles, ground and air defense system, 4th generation tactical aircraft, electronic warfare, anti-satellite weapons and cyber warfare. A number of conclusions are made as to the effect of these processes on the US doctrines and principles of deploying forces in the Asia-Pacific region.

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