Dezhina Irina
Qualification of Scientific Personnel: What Was Found in «Dissergate» / Dezhina Irina
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 Currently the directions of the reorganization of highly qualified personnel training are under discussion, including security procedures for thesis works’ defense. Attention to these issues was attracted due to detection of falsification of thesis works cases, which turned into a wave of disclosures, the so-called “dissergate.” Innovations can involve all aspects of the preparation of thesis works and academic degrees awards. However, there is a variety and even polarity of opinions on most of the discussed parameters. At the same time, the development of new measures should take into account the level of human resources of Russian science, and the problem of changing role of thesis works becomes relevant not only in Russia.

Keywords: «dissergate» | falsifications when writing dissertations | dissertation council |

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Nevskaya Anastasia
Analysts or Commentators? The EU Think Tanks on Sanctioning Russia
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