Klinova Marina
Public sector in Greece: from enlargement to privatization / Modern Greece in the world economy and politics. Ed. Y.D. Kvashnin. Moscow, IMEMO RAN, 2013. Р. 42-52.
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Sidorova Elena
State finances of Greece after crisis of 2008-2009 / Modern Greece in the World Global Economy and Politics. Ed. Y.D. Kvashnin. Moscow, IMEMO RAN, 2013. P. 64-67.

Zimakov A.V.
Греция: особенности региональной политики / А.В. Зимаков // Современная Европа. – 2009. – № 2. – С. 34–41.

Zagashvili Vladislav
Приватизация государственных предприятий в России. 1,5 а.л.

Klinova Marina
Public Social Service Sector’s Deregulation in Developed Countries (сo-author G.V. Semeko) / Privatization: Global Trends and National Peculiarities. Ed. by Acad. V.A. Vinogradov. Moscow, “Nauka”, 2006. P. 203-222.

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Греческий переполох [Текст] / Я.М. Миркин // Профиль. – 2015. – № 25[913]. – С. 12 – 15.

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Greece in international relations (1936-1941). Moscow, Moscow University press, 2011, 216 p.

Klinova Marina
La privatisation en Russie / M.V. Klinova // La Revue du Trésor. – 2004. – 84e année . – No 12. – P. 749-751.

Klinova Marina
Privatisierung in Russland / M.V. Klinova // Zeitschrift für Gemeinwirtschaft. – 2004. – Jg. 39. – Heft 6. – S. 86-92.

Pusenkova Nina
Опыт реформирования национальных нефтяных компаний // Общество и экономика. 2020. № 7. С. 99-121. DOI 10.31857/S020736760010593-1.

Kvashnin Yuri
Russia and Greece: Perspectives of Investment Collaboration / Kvashnin Jury

Kvashnin Yuri
Greece amid Coronavirus Pandemic: Economic Aspects

Entov Revold
Large-scale reluctant privatization: Contradictions and challenges under sanctions

Modern Greece in the world economy and politics. Executive Editor Y.D. Kvashnin. Moscow, IMEMO RAN, 2013, 184 p.

Pusenkova Nina
Реформы не для проформы: трансформация национальных нефтяных компаний [Текст] / Н.Н. Пусенкова // Энергетическая политика. – 2014. – № 4. – С. 61 – 74.

Klinova Marina
New Challenges to French Economic Policy: the Pragmatism of Privatization and Temporary Nationalization (in Russian). Pp. 277-287.

Klinova Marina
Transforming public sector in Greek economy / Klinova Marina // World Economics. – 2013. – No 12. – P. 55-62.

Kudrov Valentin
Russia and China: whose economic reforms more effective?

Kondrat’ev Vladimir
State participation in economy: historical and modern context of a problem.

Afontsev Sergey
Privatize or Not? Escaping Budget Temptation and Nirvana Fallacy / Afontsev S.A.

Kvashnin Yuri
The Prespa agreement and prospects for resolving the Macedonian name dispute
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