Tatuzov Viktor
Прямые иностранные инвестиции и западноевропейская интеграция: некоторые циклические факторы // Вестник Московского университета. Серия 6: Экономика. 2021. № 3. С. 3-19.
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ISSN 0130-0105

This article examines some current problems of EU and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Also this article generalize and illustrate in new way long waves hypothesis. The author suggests a non-customary approach to the study and forecasting of the economic life within the framework of Kondratieff approaches. Cyclical patterns were successfully used by the author in the business and in the banking sphere. Taking into account long waves, in 2009 the author warned about the possible economic crises in Russia in 2014-2015, 2020 and such crises actually happened. The aim of this article is the systematization and the adaptation of long waves approaches to the study of many acute economic problems. The hypothesis of long waves was used by the author but only as a general empirical reference point. It touches on many actual problems of world development, including the decrease of global FDI and the growth of centrifugal forces in the EU. The question is raised about the large-scale spread of coronavirus. The rapid spread of COVID-19 could have been connected with high global instability in addition to other well-known factors. Taking into account Kondratieff’s waves and many years of the author’s experience in the Russian business and in the Russian banking sphere, the author touches on a long unfavorable period of economic instability in Russian economy. Some economic advices to regulators and business in Russia are provided. Also the author concludes that it is necessary to continue studying the Kondratieff long wave hypothesis with the aim of its further successful use in forecasting.

Keywords: European Union | Fdi | global economic crisis | Kondratief long waves | economic cycles | economic development of Russia |

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Tatuzov Viktor
Анализ притока ПИИ в экономику России с учетом ряда глобальных тенденций // Экономические стратегии. 2021. Т. 23, № 5 (179). С. 96-101. DOI 10.33917/es-5.179.2021.96-101.

Tatuzov Viktor
Foreign Direct Investment and Industrial Policy (Based on Examples of Certain Countries)

Tatuzov Viktor
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Cycles in the Russian Economy

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Evolutionary cycles and problems of forecasting political changes. – Polis. Political Studies. 2015. No 1. P. 173-178.

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Economic relations between Russia and Sweden

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Economic relations of Russia with Finland at the present stage

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Russian-Greek trade and economic relations: mutual interests and political imperatives

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Zhukova Tatiana
The Second Wave of Pension Reforms (2009–2019): Transformation of Pension Systems Projection

Volodina M.
Russia’s economic interests on Northern Africa

Komova Anna
The Role of Credit, Subsidies and Foreign Finance in German Investment Policy of the “Economic Miracle”
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