Stefanovich Dmitry
Proliferation and threats of reconnaissance-strike systems: a Russian perspective // Nonproliferation Review. 2020. DOI 10.1080/10736700.2020.1795370. URL: Published online: 24.08.2020.
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DOI 10.1080/10736700.2020.1795370

Russian military officials, scholars, and politicians have long been aware of reconnaissance-strike systems, and have developed a sophisticated set of military countermeasures, as well as a number of weapons with roughly the same traits. Russia monitors the ongoing proliferation of such weapons in Europe and sometimes uses it for political purposes, but general planning remains focused on the capabilities of the United States and NATO. Arms-control measures within this domain seem to be hardly possible right now, although there are several options that policy makers might consider useful, including unilateral transparency measures. The prospect of rapid development and massive deployment of new intermediate-range missiles in Europe in the mode of yet another conventional precision weapon must drive the search for advanced security-architecture ideas. Most of all, communication, including military to military, is essential for avoiding misperceptions and eventual incidents that could easily spark an all-out conflict.

Keywords: Russia | United States | NATO | precision-strike | arms control | intermediate-range ballistic missiles | hypersonic missiles | reconnaissance-strike systems | strategic balance |


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