Mukhanov Vadim
Pokrovsky`s project on the Caucasus as a characteristic document of Russian military and political thought in the early 1830s.
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DOI 10.31857/S086919080021322-1

The article analyzes the little-known project of the conquest of the Caucasus by the titular adviser Pokrovsky, which represented for that era – the beginning of 1830s – a characteristic document of Russian military-political thought. The Pokrovsky project is one of the first attempts to create a logically connected plan for the conquest and pacification of the highlanders, as well as the establishment of systemic state activities in the Transcaucasus. The key proposals of this project are highlighted and compared with earlier documents of a similar nature (in particular, with the ideas and proposals of P.D. Tsitsianov, A.P. Yermolov and I.F. Paskevich). The assessment by the author of the project of both the factors hindering the implementation of Russian policy in the region and those factors that can lead to positive results is considered. The real measures proposed by Pokrovsky to influence the highlanders are listed, in particular, the distribution of salt, the construction of water channels, the elimination of the khan's power. The potential layout of the deployment of Russian troops and fortifications in the region is also analyzed point by point, the main places and points are highlighted. Separately, the thoughts and proposals of Field Marshal Paskevich are considered, a comparison is made with the proposed measures and steps from the document authored by Pokrovsky. An attempt is made to synchronize the project of the titular adviser with other similar steps taken by the Russian authorities during the specified period.

Keywords: Caucasus | Russia | Caucasian war | Pokrovsky | Tsitsianov | Yermolov | Paskevich | Rosen |


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