Gadzhiev Kamaludin
Проект «Один пояс, один путь» в геополитическом измерении // Вопросы политологии. 2020. № 3. С. 702-714. DOI 10.35775/PSI.2020.55.3.001.
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ISSN 2225-8922

DOI 10.35775/PSI.2020.55.3.001

The article attempts to identify and analyze the place and role of the Chinese project “One belt, one path” in those tectonic shifts that occur in the geopolitical realities of the modern world. The main attention is concentrated on substantiating the thesis that its key goal is to bring up the material base on the Eurasian continent under globalization, which covers, first of all, financial, technological, informational, ideological and other spheres. It is shown that, providing for the creation of a kind of Eurasian axis from a number of transport corridors to connect Asia with Europe, the project is designed to oust the United States from the Eurasian continent as a competitor to China and its possible allies. It is concluded that its implementation may become one of the factors for changing the geopolitical image of not only the Eurasian continent, but also the modern world as a whole.

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