Zagashvili Vladislav
Food security of Russia in the conditions of deterioration of the relations with the EU
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ISSN 2072-8042

The problem of food security became especially important with the deterioration of the political relations of Russia with the countries of the West and the subsequent exchange of trades actions. Introduction by Russia of restrictions on import of food from these countries was aimed at strengthening the national food security by means of the development of own food production.The article studies different approaches to the concept of food security. The main points of the analysis include the current state of food security in Russia, the impact of trade restrictions on import and production of food. Attention is paid to the problems of import substitution related to the lack of incentives to investments in the agro-industrial sphere.


Keywords: food security | food independence | trade sanctions | self-suffi ciency | import substitution |

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Substitution of agriculture products import in Russia: intermediate results and perspectives
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