Andreeva Nina
Food security, import substitution and state of the russian agricultural sector in the new economy
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Food security as an element of national security is one of the most actual global problems. It means the providing population by food products in need quantities and good quality. In Russia the doctrine of food security was adopted in 2010. Situation aggrevated when USA and EC imposed in 2014 antirussian sanctions due to Ukraina crisis and Crimea. Russian in its turn baned food import. Import substitute Programme was adopted also. After two years of sunctions food import dropped by 30 percent and its geography has changed. Some positive results were reached in Russia: in grain production (wheat and rice), poultry (meat and eggs). Poor problem continues to be beef and dairy production, breeding and seed production. Quality of food products is an urgent problem/ Russian agriculture demonstates sustainable development in the last few years. But situation depends on several factors such as government expenditures (total and per hectar, inflation rate, credit rate, investments, state of technological base and production infrastructure, etc. Very important is social situation - low wages, unemployment poor education and health conditions. Economic sanctions, imposed by western countries, did not reach the positive results. Economic situation in European countries has becoming rather poor, European farmers have blared huge losses. But the USA and EC prolonged antirussian sanctions still 2018 year. In July 2016 Russia has prolonged food embargo till 2018 year also. 

Keywords: food security | import substitution | agricultural sector |

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