Volodina M., Kuznetsov Alexey
Проблемы туристического сектора Марокко: от логистических просчетов до угроз безопасности // Электронный научно-образовательный журнал `История`. 2020. Т. 11, № 8 (94). DOI 10.18254/S207987840011072-8. URL: https://history.jes.su/issue.2020.3.8.8-94/. Дата публикации: 30.09.2020.
Publication Type:

ISSN 2079-8784

DOI 10.18254/S207987840011072-8

The article deals with the problems of development of the tourism sector in the Kingdom of Morocco, which is compared with two other attractive countries for foreign tourists in North Africa - Egypt and Tunisia. The research is based on the analysis of national and international travel statistics, the results of research on the tourism sector in the Arab countries, and field observations of the authors collected during a scientific trip to Morocco in January - February 2020. The reasons for the failure of the long-term strategy (until 2020) for the development of the tourism sector in Morocco are shown. Among them are political problems (especially the consequences of the Arab spring), economic failures of the Moroccan authorities and companies working in the tourism business, as well as a new negative factor for the hospitality industry - the coronavirus pandemic. However, Morocco is still on the 3rd place in Africa in terms of international receipts from tourism. The country is the leader of the continent by the number of international tourists. Authors also study obstacles to turning cultural and historical centers and resorts in Morocco into an attractive destination for Russian tourists, as Egypt and Tunisia managed to be before the events of the Arab spring.

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Malysheva Dina
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Volodina M.
Russia’s economic interests on Northern Africa

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Volodina M.
The role of the ethnic factor in the process of political transformation of the northern Africa

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«The Arabian spring» proceeds / IVANOV Stanislav

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The Place of Religious Parties in the Political Systems of Arab Countries

Ivanov Stanislav
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Образовательная политика в арабских странах как фактор нациестроительства (на примере Марокко, Алжира и Ливана) // Общественные науки и современность. 2020. № 6. С. 90-102. DOI 10.31857/S086904990013052-9.

Volodina M.
Competition of External Players for Transport and Logistics Projects in Western and North Africa (on the Example of Sea Ports. Comparative Politics Russia. 2021;12(1):34-48. https://doi.org/10.24411/2221-3279-2021-10004

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"Sisi doctrine”: Egypt and the Great Powers after the “Arab spring”. Comparative study of Cairo’s relations with Washington, Beijing and Moscow // Bulletin of Udmurt University. Sociology. Political Science. International Relations. 2023. Vol. 7, iss. 1. P. 76–87. https://doi.org/10.35634/2587-9030-2023-7-1-76-87 (In Russ.).

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Frolov Alexander
Struggle for Libya: External Actors and Their Bets

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Магриб-2021: тупики внутриполитического развития и угрозы региональной подсистеме отношений // Вестник Российского университета дружбы народов. Серия: Международные отношения. 2021. Т. 21, № 4. С. 642-654. DOI 10.22363/2313-0660-2021-21-4-642-654.

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ИКТ-угрозы в военно-политической сфере: сотрудничество или конфронтация мировых держав? [Текст] / Н. П. Ромашкина // Международная жизнь. – 2018. – Спец.выпуск "Россия и глобальные вызовы в области информационной безопасности". – С. 97-102.

Svistunova Irina, Bogacheva Anastasia
Foreign policy of Iran and Turkey towards Arab States after the Arab Spring
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