Ponedelko Galina
Проблемы развития человеческого потенциала Испании на современном этапе [Текст] / Г.Н. Понеделко // Ибероамериканские тетради. – 2015. – № 4 (6). – С. 43 – 53.
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ISSN 2409-3416

The present high level of HDI in particular in education was achieved by this country for the years of its democratic transformation and a series of the profound education reforms. If earlier the main factor of the country’s economic development was the growth of its population with the dominant labor force of initial education level, by now the most representative group has become the people with secondary and higher education. Despite its achievements Spanish education system is still relatively weak and has a number of serious deficiencies in comparison with the leading OECD countries. Without further education reforms Spain won’t be able to change its economic model, increase its labor force quality and to continue moving ahead on the way to social progress. 

Keywords: Human development index (HDI) | human capital (НС) | primary and secondary education | higher education | occupational and vocational training | intercompany training | and dual education system |


Dezhina Irina
Qualification of Scientific Personnel: What Was Found in «Dissergate» / Dezhina Irina

Trofimova Olga
Role of foreign migrants in the process of formation of human capital in the EU countries

Zenkov Alexey
Rankings as a tool for adapting vocational education to the challenges of post-industrial employment

Kvashnin Yuri
The Crisis in Greece through the Prism of Human Capital Formation

Zenkov Alexey, Udovenko Ilya
Human Capital for a New Technological Paradigm: Trajectories of Formation and Development

The social component of innovative development

Romashkina Natalia
Спутниковые системы управления с применением искусственного интеллекта // Вопросы кибербезопасности. 2023. № 6 (58). С. 128-137. DOI 10.21681/2311-3456-2023-6-128-137.

Sadovaya Elena
Professional Education in The Post – Industrial Economy : Challenges of Digital Transformation

Kapelyushnikov Rostislav , Gimpelson V.
Choice of Occupation: Where Have We Studied and Where Are We Working?

Sergeev Pavel
Российская интеллектуальная образованщина и проблемы реформирования высшей школы [Текст] / П.А. Сергеев, М.Н. Кулапов // Социология. – 2016. – № 2. – С. 167 – 173.

Aukutsionek Sergey , Egorov Andrei
Survey of Current Business

Сфера образования в системе Россия–Запад (проблемы эффективности). Под ред. В.И. Марцинкевича. М., ИМЭМО РАН, 2009, 234 c.

El’yanov Anatoly
International Migration and the Developing Economies.

Kapelyushnikov Rostislav
Влияние четвертной промышленной революции на рынок труда [Текст] / Р. И. Капелюшников // Аист на крыше. Демографический журнал. – 2018. – № 6(6). – С. 32-36.

Aukutsionek Sergey , Egorov Andrei, Bashirova Inessa, Serzhantova Tatyana
Хозяйственное обозрение (июль – октябрь 2022 г.) // Экономическое развитие России. 2022. Т. 29, № 10. С. 52-59.

Aukutsionek Sergey , Egorov Andrei, Bashirova Inessa
Хозяйственное обозрение (февраль – май 2023 гг.) // Экономическое развитие России. 2023. Т. 30, № 5. С. 51-58.

Образование в постиндустриальном обществе: проблемы модернизации. М., ИМЭМО РАН, 2007, 80 c.

Kapelyushnikov Rostislav
Older workers in the Russian labor market: Trends in employment reallocation

Aukutsionek Sergey , Egorov Andrei, Bashirova Inessa, Belyakov Stanislav
Survey of Current Business

Aukutsionek Sergey , Egorov Andrei, Bashirova Inessa, Serzhantova Tatyana
Survey of Current Business (December 2022 – March 2023)
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