Barinov Igor
Проблемы развития белорусской национальной государственности: взгляд оппозиции [Текст] / И.И. Баринов // Историческая экспертиза. – 2019. – № 2. – С. 75-86. DOI: 10.31754/2409-6105-2019-2-75-86.
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ISSN 2409-6105

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2019-2-75-86

The article examines the contradictions between the opposition and the acting authorities in Belarus concerning the further development of national statehood. The study of primary sources stress the main claims and demands of the opposition to the Belarusian ruling regime and provide a brief outline of their formation and applicability in the real politics. The article is also focused on an attempt to structure the common ideological concepts concerning the state development, the role of national language and the politics of memory, shared by the diverse groups of Belarusian opposition. As the analysis has shown, they mostly occurred to be outdated and irrelevant to reality. Because of this, the strategies of the future, considered by the opposition as an alternative to the current development of Belarus, does not seem to be realistic.

Keywords: Belarus | opposition | national statehood | politics of memory |

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Barinov Igor
Белоруссия в тисках памяти: историческое наследие и национальная государственность [Текст] / И. И. Баринов // История и современность. – 2019. – № 2. – С. 107-123. DOI: 10.30884/iis/2019.02.05.

Gronsky Alexander
Byelorussia's Relations with the European Union and the United States (1992-2018): from Distancing to Drift to the West

Gronsky Alexander
Byelorussian Nationalism and Western Russianism: the Problem of Confrontation

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Memory Politics in the European Union: in Search for common Landmarks

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Национализм в Белоруссии: двуликий Янус // Вопросы национальных и федеративных отношений. 2020. Т. 10, № 11 (68). С. 2649-2659. DOI 10.35775/PSI.2020.68.11.01.

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The “memory wars” in divided societies: the case of Spain. Cuadernos Iberoamericanos. 2021;9(3):67-78. (In Russ.)

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Общая сельскохозяйственная и рыболовная политика (июнь-август 2022) // Европейский Союз: факты и комментарии : электронное издание. 2022. № 109. С. 42-50. DOI 10.15211/eufacts320224250. URL: Дата публикации: сентябрь 2022.

Frumkin Boris
Общая сельскохозяйственная и рыболовная политика(декабрь 2021 - февраль 2022) // Европейский Союз: факты и комментарии : электронное издание. 2022. № 107. С. 39-47. DOI 10.15211/eufacts120223947. URL: Дата публикации: март 2022.

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Political Processes in the Republics of post-Soviet Central Asia

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Памяти друга / В.Л. Шейнис, А.К. Назимова // Социологический журнал. – 2008. – № 2. – С. 133–137.

National areas in system of federal relations

Chetverikova Anna
Russian private business in Belorussia.

Lapkin Vladimir
Подвижник науки. Памяти Эдуарда Сальмановича Кульпина-Губай-Дуллина [Текст] / В.В. Лапкин // История и современность. – 2015. – №  2 (22). – С. 198 – 200.

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Mnemonic diplomacy in Russian-Serbian relations: The limits of the possible. Lomonosov World Politics Journal. 2023;15(1):93–132. (In Russ.)

Romashkina Natalia
Russian national security in the context western sanctions and response of the Russian Federation
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