Informational Security Problems in Modern International crises and conflicts of XXI century / A.V. Zagorski, N.P. Romashkina, eds. – Moscow, IMEMO RAN, 2016. – 183 p.
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ISBN 978-5-9535-0477-5

DOI: 10.20542/978-5-9535-0477-5

Monography is dedicated to current problems of informational security. Systematic analysis of Russian initiatives in the area of international informational security is performed. Different aspects of problems connected with application of informational telecommunication technologies in military-political field are examined. Monography is addressed to specialists of different areas associated with informational communication technologies and informational security problems, colleges and universities instructors, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as wide group of readers interested in security area. 

Keywords: informational security | informational telecommunication technologies | informational security problems |

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