Davydov Alexey
The problem of human rights in US foreign policy
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ISSN 2070-5476

DOI: 10.18254/S207054760023905-2

The issues of defending human rights abroad are a substantial part of the United States foreign policy. Nevertheless, over the last five years, the official rhetoric and to some extent practices of the White House have clearly unveiled the polarization of approaches of Trump and Biden administrations regarding these policies. By analyzing the U.S. foreign policy mechanism of defending human rights abroad, well as party platforms, strategic and policy documents, and the finances of human rights policies the author comes to the conclusion that this mechanism is a powerful tool, that allows the United States to influence foreign countries in order to accomplish practical strategic foreign policy goals. This potential protects the U.S. human rights defense policy from the ideological differences between Democrats and Republicans.

Keywords: US foreign policy | foreign policy mechanism | strategic planning | human rights | democracy promotion |


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