Shlikhter Alexey
Precarization Of The Us Labor Market And The Concept Of A Universal Basic Income
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ISSN 0207-3676

DOI 10.31857/S020736760024284-1

The author examines changes in the structure of the labor market with an increase in its composition of a complex category of workers with precarious employment, reveals the motives and options for pilot projects of a universal unconditional basic income (UBI) conducted in American cities. The article discusses whether an unconditional basic income could become an alternative to the US social security system. Evaluations of the results of the UBI projects are given; the attitudes of politicians, economists, business corporations and ordinary citizens of America to the UBI are considered. Particular attention is paid to the fundamental differences between an unconditional basic income and the existing welfare institutions, as well as factors that promote or hamper the implementation of the UBI on a national scale. The idea of a universal unconditional basic income has become part of the political debate and electoral platforms during the presidential race. UBI, if implemented, can, by modifying, integrate into the existing institutional system, although this may be an extremely complex and controversial process, which largely explains why this concept has not been implemented on a national scale by now, but limited to some U.S. states. Attention is drawn to the potential economic effect of the UBI, which consists in the fact that the budget allocations spent on social dividends are returned to the economy, as the multiplier effect is triggered - people's confidence in the future makes them save less and spend more.

Keywords: modern technological structure | economy on demand | income inequality | unconditional вasic income | outsourcing | outstaffing | precarious |

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