Lomanov Alexander
Human rights in modern ideology of the Communist Party of China
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ISSN 2618-7043

DOI 10.31696/2618-7043-2022-5-4-882-897

Over the decade of Xi Jinping’s leadership the Chinese interpretation of human rights emphasized practical and legal aspects of the issue. At the same time, the elevation to normative status of “Xi Jinping’s ideas of a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics” stimulated the process of theoretical systematization of the views of the party leader on the development of human rights. The notion that “happy life of the people is the greatest human right” gained key prominence. Chinese researchers underline the change of “generations” in the understanding of human rights, according to which the primary Western commitment to civil and political rights has been replaced by the priority of social and economic rights. China claims the authorship of modern comprehensive interpretation of human rights that facilitates better life for all population and all-embracing human development. Official interpretation of “China’s path of developing human rights” insists on connecting together the Marxist concept of human rights, Chinese reality, traditional Chinese culture and the achievements of human civilization. The key modern Chinese foreign policy concept of the “community of destiny of mankind” acts as a rationale for China’s human rights actions in the outside world.

Keywords: Xi Jinping | rule by law | rights of all people | human development | Marxism | Chinese tradition | Communist Party of China |

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Innovation and tradition in the interpretation of democracy in the modern CCP ideology

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Salitskii Alexander
Chinese Ideas of World Order: Tradition and Modernity
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