Sheinis Viktor
Power and law: politics and the constitutions in Russia in the XX-XXI centuries. Moscow, 2014, 1088 p.
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ISBN 978-5-244-01169-2

Constitutional history Russia has slightly more than 100 years and six constitutions. The book - about constitutions . About the historical context in which they affect any . And that in the Russian order of social life has always defined power, often breaking with limited her law.

How and why in the XX century came autocratic monarchy to a constitutional system ? What was and what could be the "Constitution of Nicholas II"? Why not place the Russian Constituent Assembly - Constituent Assembly elected in the first free elections in history ? What was the Soviet constitutionalism and in his four constitutions reflect the changes of the communist regime ? What lessons for the constitutional history of Russia today?

The main plot of the book - the Constitution of 1993 in projects and in life. The author, one of the most active of its developers , shows how difficult it is going to her and why the country got deeply controversial document . Why do the authorities , as before, dominates the right . To implement democratic and legal capacity Kontsitutsii , need a thorough reform of the system of power.

Keywords: Constitution | 1993 | Yeltsin | Khasbulatov | Constituent Assembly | history of the Constitution | Russia | monarchy | democracy | power | |


Sheinis Viktor
The Bolshevic Power and the First Soviet Constitution / Sheinis V.

Sheinis Viktor
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Sheinis Viktor
The formation of the USSR and its first Constitution.

Sheinis Viktor
Constitutional Court in the Twists of Russian History

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