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Политология. Серия: Бакалавриат. – М.: ИНФРА-М, 2016. – 384 с.
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ISBN 978-5-16-004642-6


Russian Science Citation Index


Varnavskii Vladimir
Механизмы государственно-частного партнерства в экономической политике. М.: МГИМО-Университет, 2013. - 142 с.

National areas in system of federal relations

Vernigora Alina
Strategic Planning as a Public Administration Tool: a Case of Turkey

Kondrat’ev Vladimir
Mining Industry in Chile

Varnavskii Vladimir
Private and public partnership in the industry of Russia

Kondrat’ev Vladimir
State participation in economy: historical and modern context of a problem.

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Russian nation-building problems in the context of international experience / Semenenko I.S.

Khesin Efim
Global Governance: Financial Aspect (Book Review «New Approaches to Global Financial Regulation» Edited by L.S. Khudyakova)

Lenchuk Elena, Voitolovsky Feodor, Kuvalin D.
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Dezhina Irina
Creating Linkages: Government Policy to Stimulate R&D through University- Industry Cooperation in Russia.

Bardin Andrey, Stomin V.
Artificial intelligence in urban governance: barriers and prospects for implementation

Kondrat’ev Vladimir
Russian Corporate Management after the Crisis / Kondratiev Vladimir B.

Smyslov Dmitry
Реформирование Международного валютного фонда: Проблемы и решения. Финансы и управление / Д.В. Смыслов // Деньги и кредит. – 2012. – № 2. – С. 33–44.

Udovenko Ilya
Stress Test of the US State Digital Platform: Challenges and Prospects

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State-Building in The Republic of Belarus: The Role of Social Cleavages and Political Divides. — South-Russian Journal of Social Sciences. 2022. Vol. 23. No. 2. Pp. 6-17.
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