Ovcharuk Alexander
Poland’s Policy in the Ukrainian Crisis and Its Consequences for Russia
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ISSN 2410-2415

The presented article considers the foreign policy of the Republic of Poland towards Ukraine in recent years of the Ukrainian crisis. The main attention is paid to the dynamics of the development of Polish-Ukrainian relations in the context of the formation of a new world order, which has intensified the confrontation between Russia and the West, significantly complicated the political and economic situation in Europe. The peculiarity of Polish-Ukrainian relations is that they are caused by many contradictions of the past and present, attempts by nationalist forces in Europe to take revenge after World War II using the military-political situation in Ukraine, which can radically change its statehood and the fate of the people. Poland is one of the main sponsors and inspirers of the Kiev regime in the Ukrainian conflict, through which it began to interfere in the economic, political and military situation in this country, thereby creating a threat to Russia’s security. These factors are the reason for the relevance of this topic, which is still poorly covered in the scientific literature. The purpose of the study is to consider the state, main trends, priorities and prospects of between Warsaw and Kiev, to establish the consequences and degree of risks for Russia and Ukraine from active Polish participation in the Ukrainian crisis.

Keywords: Polish-Ukrainian relations | Ukrainian crisis | Russia | Poland | Ukraine | NATO | EU |


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Ovcharuk Alexander
Current Polish-Ukrainian Trade and Economic Relations

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Bubnova Natalia
The Russian-American Relations in the Context of the Ukrainian Crisis: New Faces of the Cold War
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