Semenenko Irina
Memory Politics in the European Union: in Search for common Landmarks
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ISSN 1561-9443

DOI 10.14258/izvasu(2020)6-10

The article evaluates the reasons behind the surge of interest in memory politics in EU countries in the last decade. The author analyses the current memory studies agenda, the mechanisms and instruments proposed for use at EU level to promote a common European identity, and the practices of representing a shared European past in public spaces that have emerged over the last few years (such as the permanent exhibition of House of European History in Brussels). The evaluation of new priorities on the memory politics agenda can help shed light on the difficulties and threats to further promote European solidarity based on a common memory, especially having in mind the drastic consequences of the 2020 pandemic crisis. One can foresee the advancement of national and regional models of memory politics to the frontline of identity politics in Europe. The research is based on the analysis of discourses reflecting the changing memory politics agenda aimed at consolidating a common European space where Russia is considered as the alien Other. Empirical data was collected by the author during her visits to European museums and memory sites representing the history and the current state of the European integration project. This was complemented by the analysis of digital library and archive resources and expert reports dedicated to memory politics and identity policies in the EU.

Keywords: identity politics/policies | memory politics | European identity | identity crisis | common values | nation state | difficult past | the European Union | Europe | Russia |

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