Bogacheva Anastasia
Iran’s Policy in Syria
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ISSN 2713-170X

DOI: 10.20542/afij-2020-1-74-80

Diplomatic relations between Iran and Syria were established in 1946, but their close rapprochement started only at the beginning of the XXI century, due to the growing pressure on both countries from the United States. Since that time their ties had been significantly strengthened, and with the onset of the Syrian crisis, the relations became strategic. Syria and Iran as closest partners adhere to the “axis of resistance”. The policy implemented by the Iranian government in Syria since 2011 went through several patterns, on each stage it was adjusted to the changing regional situation. The article discusses the evolution of Iranian intervention in the Syrian crisis, its military-political, economic and territorial interests. So there is an Iranian entry into civilian structures, political and security apparatus and into the army; Iranians are actively purchasing land and real estate in Syria in order to improve their positions on the ground. In addition, Iran is expanding its economic presence through annual financial assistance to the Syrian government and investment as well as provides support to local businesses. At the local level, Iran’s positions in late 2019 were the strongest in the provinces of Deir az-Zor and Homs. At the same time, there are both types of forces in Syria: those interested in reducing Iranian influence as well as forces, preferring to strengthen the impact of Iranian factor. Therefore, to guarantee Iranian influence in post-conflict Syria the Iranian and pro-Iranian forces are pursuing cooperation with official Syrian Government and at the same time trying to increase their presence in the country and enhance local ties.

Keywords: Iran | Syria | Iranian politics in Syria | Hezbollah | Axis of resistance |

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