Political Party Systems and Political Ideologies: Main Trends of Transformation in the Second Decade of the 21st Century. / Ed. by E. Solovyev; IMEMO RAN. Moscow: Idea-Press. 2022. 228 p.
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ISBN 978-5-903927-36-4

The book is devoted to the study of the transformation of party and political systems in Western countries, as well as changes occurring with «classical» (conservatism, social democracy) and «new» (environmentalism, alt-right, Islamism, etc.) political ideologies under the influence of the current stage of globalization, the consequences of the global financial and economic crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, trends of renationalization and re-ideologization of politics.

Keywords: political ideologies | globalization | party and political systems |


Political party systems and political ideologies in the Western countries in the early XXIst century: factors of evolution and trends of transformation / Ed. by E.G. Solovyev. – Moscow, IMEMO, 2016. – 127 p.

Peregudov Sergey
Parties and interest groups to a new model of interaction.

Общественно-политические силы России и Запада и проблемы глобализации. Ответственный редактор Холодковский К.Г., Загладин Н.В. М., ИМЭМО РАН, 2002, 171 с.

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Gadzhiev Kamaludin
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Chugrov Sergey
Political Processes: How «Subjective» Are Subjects of the RF

Gadzhiev Kamaludin
Political consequences of the global financial crisis.

Gadzhiev Kamaludin
The End or revival of ideology?

Volodin Andrey
The Formation of Civil Society and Party-Political system: the Experience of India

Kudryavtsev Andrey
France Impressing the World

Baranovsky Vladimir
Basic Parameters of Modern System of International Relations. Part III. // Polis Journal.Political Studies, 2012, № 5. P. 148–158.

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Austrian Identity and European Integration / Vasilyev V.I.

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