Rogozhina Natalia
Political situation in Thailand: authoritarianism versus democracy
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ISSN 0321-5075

DOI 10.31857/S032150750016591-2

The article analyzes the features of the current stage of political development in Thailand, which are characterized by the collision of two trends - authoritarianism and democracy, which resulted in the establishment of a quasi-democratic regime. Despite the formal existence of democratic institutions of power - parliament, an independent court, and parties-none of them works for representative democracy, while maintaining their attachment to the interests of the traditional political establishment - the army, the bureaucracy, and big business. The article gives an assessment of the current political situation, which is characterized by the development of the democratic movement. The lack of opportunities for the opposition to transit to democracy within the framework of the parliamentary struggle explains the growth of street protests with the participation of young people. The student unrest that has engulfed the country over the past year and a half is a response of the democratic-minded segments of society to the strengthening of authoritarianism in the country's governance, with the accompanying infringement of civil rights and freedoms. The demands made by the anti-government forces ultimately amount to the reform of the political system. Their call for reform of the institution of the monarchy should also be viewed from this perspective. However, the lack of a broad democratic coalition limits the influence of student protests on the government. Assessing the prospects for the country's political development, the author comes to the conclusion that street protests alone will not change the status quo in politics. The potential influence of young people on the sphere of politics depends on mass support, which is possible only if the requirements put forward by them meet the social demand that forms the society.

Keywords: Thailand, political system, quasi-democracy, authoritarianism, student protests |

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What awaits the democratic opposition in Thailand?

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