Dezhina Irina
Perspective Organizational Forms of Scientific Research in Russia.
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The article analyzes existing and currently developing government approaches to improvement of workforce situation in Russian science and to creation of competitive organizational forms for work of research groups. Two major forms of support at the level of research groups are analyzed - research-educational centres and project which is under development and is dealing with establishment of 1000 new laboratories. Problems related to implementation of current approaches are identified, and mechanism to select and support new laboratories is suggested.

Keywords: scientific staff | research-educational centres | laboratories | grants | government policy | instruments | research and development |

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Kravtsov Alexander, Tchernoutsan Elena
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Dezhina Irina
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Dezhina Irina
Mobility of scientific personnel and the new government policy.

Dezhina Irina
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Bogacheva Olga
Defining the main types of research and development for purposes of shaping state R&D policy in Russia and in OECD countries

National areas in system of federal relations

Dezhina Irina
Matching Grants for Stimulating Partnerships between Companies and Universities in Innovation Area: Initial Effects in Russia / Dezhina Irina

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Tchernoutsan Elena
Specifics of the institutional mechanism for assessing the scientific research effectiveness in France: Evolution and current state

Shvydko Vitaly
Changes in the system of government support for science and innovation in Japan

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Shvydko Vitaly
New five-year plan of scientific and technical development of Japan: new highlights in government policy to promote science and innovations
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