Overcoming the Social and Economic Risks in the Sphere of Social and Labor Relations as a Factor in National Security. Social and Labor Studies. Vol. XXIV. Editorial staff – V.V. Komorowski, E.S. Sadovaya and others. Moscow,IMEMO RAN, 2011, 115 p.
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ISBN 978-5-9535-0292-4

 Regular issue of  «Social and Labour Studies» ,#24, covers the analysis of social and economic risks in the sphere of social and labor relations and possible ways to combat them. The volume examines high quality contributions of the researchers from the Division for Labour Studies, regarding the various aspects of the potential risks in the workplace and labor relations: policies of personnel and employers in a crisis, the problem of representativeness of the social dialogue, including the density network of institutions representing the interests of employers, territorial mobility training, social and legal problems of local communities (on the example of scientific communities). The analysis of the forms of casual employment in the review by A. Keyser (University of Bradford) is also essential.

Keywords: labor relations | employers |

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