Rustamova Leili
Specificity of Germany’s participation in peacekeeping missions abroad
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DOI 10.46320/2073-4506-2021-11-162-63-64

The past decade in Germany has been marked by a “new culture of responsibility” under which efforts are being made to expand Germany’s presence in hot spots through peacekeeping and humanitarian and peacebuilding missions. The purpose of this article is to analyze the specifics of Germany’s peacekeeping missions abroad. The study is based on an analysis of documents regulating Germany’s participation in peacekeeping operations abroad, analysis of secondary sources of information, as well as materials from the websites of the German Foreign Ministry, the Bundeswehr and non-governmental organizations that ensure Germany’s participation in the provision of humanitarian aid and peacebuilding abroad, which is an important component of Germany’s peacekeeping operations.

Keywords: new culture of responsibility | peacemaking | fourth-generation peace operations | peacebuilding | Germany | Bundeswehr | NGO |


Rustamova Leili
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