Pritchin Stanislav
Features of the Transit of Power in Kyrgyzstan and Georgia in the Context of Emerging Political Institutions
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ISSN 2587-6295

DOI 10.12737/2587-6295-2020-14-23

Kyrgyzstan and Georgia are two states of the post-Soviet space where political processes take place in atypical scenarios for the region. In both countries, since independence in 1991, the change and transit of power has occurred more often than in their neighbors, and under different scenarios. Both republics are recognized as leaders in the post-Soviet region for liberalization and democratization, both are de-jure parliamentary republics, while Kyrgyzstan is the only parliamentary republic in Central Asia. At the same time, the peculiarity of the transit of power in the republics is the fact that after the change of power each time passed into the hands of either the opposition, or covertly or clearly conflicting with the government counter-elite. The article provides a comparative analysis of the historical, ideological, and geographical features of the formation of socio-political models of societies in countries that could be the causes of the phenomenon of cardinal change of power in any transit scenario.

Keywords: political institutions | transit of power | legitimization | succession of power | Georgia | Kyrgyzstan | post-Soviet space | dynastic model |

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Pritchin Stanislav
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