Sadovaya Elena
Main directions and possible economic consequences of Baiden`s migration policy
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ISSN 2410-7395

DOI 10.21686/2410-7395-2021-3-9-22

The article analyzes the directions and economic consequences of the immigration policy pursued by the Biden administration in the context of global shifts taking place in the modern world, as well as taking into account the peculiarities of the development of the internal political situation in the country. Today we can talk about the transitional state of the entire global system of social relations, we can talk about the situation of world transition that humanity is going through, which is reflected in the instability of the modern world, in the state of general uncertainty that society is experiencing. The growing chaos inevitably accompanies the process of destruction of the old order of things - institutions, mechanisms of interaction, actors; it has a significant impact even on countries in which there were no doubts about the stability of the situation before. We observe a picture of the growing fragility of the foundations of social existence today in the United States, which until recently was the only and unconditional world economic and political leader. The current situation both in the country and in the world is unlikely to allow the American president to ignore the realities of life, including economic ones, being completely in captivity of a purely ideological discourse, and this is already happening.

Keywords: US immigration policy | post-industrial labor market | outsourcing | work visas | ideological priorities | the wall on the border with Mexico |

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