Mechkov I.
Main Features of the EU Cluster Policy
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ISSN 0201-7083

DOI 10.15211/soveurope12020182190

The cluster policy has been used by several EU countries since the 1990s. During the period of cluster initiatives’ development on a national level, enough prerequisites have been accumulated in order to institutionalize the cluster policy on a supranational level in the EU. This article covers the evolution of the EU cluster policy institutions, based upon the European Commission documents, as well as the initiatives of several EU countries. The conclusion is that the EU cluster policy is an integral part of the EU industrial policy, aimed at the growth of EU companies’ competitiveness on a global scale. Moreover, clusters may be considered as a necessary infrastructure, “integration points” of different initiatives, which require the joint involvement of authorities, business and research institutions. They are a basis for further interregional cooperation and closer integration. The future of the cluster policy is also discussed, including the description of several initiatives included in the new budget cycle. The record of innovational and cluster development in the EU has a practical value and should be considered during the preparation of national and/or regional programs of innovations, entrepreneurship and regional development support.

Keywords: cluster | cluster policy | regional development | new industrial policy | EU | innovations |

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